4×4 Driving Experiences

We have linked up with Off Road Driver to provide bespoke 4×4 driving experiences to 11 – 17 year olds.

Experience the renowned handling and impressive capability of a Range Rover Evoque and see how it tackles almost any terrain with confidence.

Far from being a one-off experience, a number of learning opportunities have been developed to take you through different off-road scenarios, which includes:

  • Steering and braking techniques
  • Reversing and slalom skills
  • Climbing and descending hills
  • Crossing ditches and ridges
  • Driving in ruts, wet grass and mud
4x4 driving experiences
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Snugs Pit

This wooded site has much to offer for drivers who enjoy powering up long hills and dodging between trees.

When dry, almost everywhere is a possible trials section, though once nice and wet, those long slopes can be tricky to descend and almost impossible to climb.

Please contact us for more information on experiencing off-road driving at Snugs Pit

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